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Hello and welcome to the second part of our new RPMGO Weekly Awards feature. We revealed to you the nominees for the Perfect Shift and Over rev sections yesterday, and you have cast your votes on what was the best and the worst story of the week.

Turnout was pretty good, but it seems some of you forgot that you had two polls to vote it. Either way, let’s present the winners of our awards, shall we?

Perfect Shift Award

The Perfect Shift during the last week was made by BMW, which announced the new Competition Package for its extremely popular M3 sportscar It seems quite a lot of you were pretty stoked about having the new M3 with the special handling and visual upgrades.

The announcement of two other performance models, the Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid and the Volkswagen Polo GTI both tied for second place, emphasizing the appetite for POWER! of our readers.

Over Rev Award

The Over Rev “honor” goes out to those wacky and quite frankly morbid guys who thought that a Maserati Quatroporte would make a great hearse, of all things. At least according to the voters, their customers won’t really flock to get their deceased loved ones transported in a €250,000 model anytime soon.

The ghastly DC Design Rolls Royce bespoke model and the fact that the Alfa Romeo 159 and the 166 will be making their way to North America, without the Giulietta or the MiTo, both tied for second place.

These were your votes, and your awards. Stay tuned for the next edition of this feature next week when we’ll be once again sorting out the best and worst from the auto news of the last seven days.

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