Rumor – BMW 4-Series In The Works

BMW 6-Series Gran Coupe Concept

At the beginning of this year there were some rumors about a possible 3-Series GT (Gran Turismo), but recently there have been some reports stating that this new GT model will actually be an all-new 4-Series. According to BMW Blog, the new model could be offered as a four-door coupe that would help the German automaker compete with the sexy Audi A5 Sportback.

In addition, this new move would enable BMW to offer a more stylish model that will be significantly more affordable than the 6-Series while at the same time being a little bit more premium than the 3-Series.

In other news, a new model under development is the 6-Series Gran Coupe which will be launched sometime in 2012. It will come with a two-door styling and four physical doors, and from the looks of the concept, it is definitely going to be an attractive car.

I really hope that they’ll launch the 4-Series instead of the 3-Series GT, because the other “GT” model, for the 5-Series is just awful.

Source: BMW Blog via Autoblog

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