Rumors – Lotus Will Have To Axe Toyota-powered Elise and Exige Models –

2011 Lotus Elise

Lotus will soon run out of Toyota 2ZZ-GE engines, which means that starting with this July; they’ll have to stop making the wonderful Elise and Exige models. In order to commemorate the success of these cars, the British automaker will launch a limited number of Final Editions, and taking into consideration the financial problems the company faces nowadays, these might actually be the final ones ever made.

The Lotus Elise SC Final Edition will be available in four color schemes based on the European-only Elise Club Racer and will pack a lot of goodies. Priced at $57,500, there are going to be only 15 units slated for American and Canadian fans.

As far as the Exige is concerned, it will be available in two trim levels. They’ll make only 30 units of the Exige S260 for North America, and all of them will come bundled with Lotus’ Track Pack, Tour Pack and LSD. Another 26 units will be finished in matte black. The regular version will set you back $67,500, while the matte-black model will be a little bit more expensive, at $69,900.

I really hope that this won’t be the end for the Elise and Exige. Hopefully, the automaker will find other alternatives to power its cars. An ideal situation would be to get the necessary funding to develop its own engines.

Source: GGLotus via AutoBlog

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