Saab 9-5 previewed as sketch –

Saab is a pretty well known manufacturer fighting with the top class luxury constructors like BMW or Mercedes, but lately sales haven’t been all so good with the sweedish producer, partly due that the current generation of cars are already out of date design-wise although from an engineering point of view are reliable. That is why Saab wanted to stress the development of the new 9-5 model, to show that their engineers are hard at work, with the help of this sketch, depicting the future line of design that will be found in the next generation of models.

Quite an agressive one in fact, the model resembling more of a coupe than a 4 door sedan which the sweedish manufacturer has got us used to. Rumours have also stated that this model will be set to contend performance-wise with the top AMG and M branded models from Mercedes and BMW, respectively. These rumours are based on the fact that Saab declared that the 9-5 will have “much of the fundamental technology already being produced in the Turbo X”, the current high performance model from the manufacturer.

One thing’s for sure, the sweedish manufacturer is definitely going to have a success with this model if it can market it properly, because all other aspects like design or performance are assured by it’s history and high build quality.

Source: Trollhattan Saab (Via MotorAuthority)

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