Saab Aero X Concept Ice Experience |

Saab had a very interesting idea of creating some buzz around its brand name, by creating the “Free Your Mind” experience. So, what exactly is this? Saab has created a special room in the IceHotel in Jukkasjärvi, Sweden, where visitors get to see key Saab brand messages and Saab’s design heritage. And the main attraction is an ice sculpted Saab Aero X surrounded by impressive light and sound sequences. And it looks pretty cool too.

The “Free Your Mind” room is the creation of Simon Padian, chief designer for Saab and Tjåsa Gusfors, leading designer at the IceHotel. Here’s what Simon Padian said: “The Move Your Mind room is designed to be a journey, a flow, a pulse which aims to disrupt and challenge the visitors perceptions of what is normal or expected. The installation is designed to create an audiovisual experience that defies the visitor’s senses. We hope that the public will find it thought-provoking and leave feeling more engaged with the Saab brand.”

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