Saab negotiations are still underway, Spyker reveals |

Saab is once again thrown into the spotlight of the automotive media during these last few days, as reports were coming in yesterday about how GM and Spyker may have reached an understanding in regards to the Swedish brand.

But those rumors were quickly debunked by GM’s new permanent CEO, Ed Whitacre, which revealed that there are no big news to announce in regards to Saab. Now, Spyker has also released a statement in which it revealed that talks with GM are still ongoing and no outcome has been reached as of yet.

New rumors have also appeared about Spyker changing the investor group behind it, the Russian Convers Group, which wasn’t approved by GM, with that of Dutch billionaire Marcel Boekhoorn, in order to please the American company which didn’t want any of its technology from Saab to fall under Russian influence (somebody might want to tell them that the cold war is over).

While yesterday an end to the Saab odyssey might have been in sight, things are once again quite blurry. Stay tuned for more details as they will be revealed.

Source: Autocar

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