Saddam’s Rolls for sale |

A year and a half after Saddam Hussein was executed, here’s your chance to won a piece of history, by buying a Rollls Royce Corniche that belonged to the tyrannical Iraqui dictator. The car will be sold at Autocontinental, a car dealship in Redhill, Surrey and it has a price tag of £185,000. The Rolls features heated, brown leather seats with red piping, climate control system and comes with papers confirming its ownership by the former Iraqi leader.

According to Steven Brown, the owner of car dealership, the car will be shipped from Baghdad within the next 28 days and before the new owner takes possession, it will be refitted with a new stereo to replace the one he claims American soldiers removed when they found the car. The Rolls was bought by an Iraqui friend for Steven’s and he already has a lot of interested buyers, including an American Colonel who wants to afix SADDAM numberplates to the car.

But that’s not all, because Steven is planning on buying one of Saddam’s gems, a top-of-the-range Maybach Mercedes which was fitted with 23-carat gold, but Saddam never got the chance to drive before he was arrested and executed for crimes against humanity in 2006.

Telegraph (via Autoblog)

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