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Mercedes-Benz continued its partnership with the Formula 1 competition at the beginning of the year by releasing the SLS AMG safety car. For the WTCC, where its Cruze model is making a good impression during the current season, Chevrolet wanted something a bit more special. As such, Chevy has just unveiled a very special Spark model, that will be employed… …read the full post

I don’t know about you, but this is the first time I’ve heard of a race car crashing into the Safety Car. I mean, these cars look so innocent that you’d never figure how and why someone would have anything against them. The incident I’m talking about happened this weekend at the Race 2 of the WTCC stage in Pau, France and what… …read the full post

The DTM is one of the most exciting racing championships in the world, staring the best german-made cars and the title of Safety Car in such a prestigious championship is an honor to a car. After coming back from the legendary LeMans 24 hour race, the Audi R8 won’t have much time to breathe, as it was chosen the official Safety Car for the DTM…. …read the full post