Scion models won't go hybrid, might receive all-wheel drive instead |

In between issuing recalls, attending government hearings or going to court over lawsuits, Toyota found time to talk about its youth-oriented brand, Scion.

Jack Hollis, vice president of Scion, Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A, recently talked about the brand and just where it will go in the near future. Many voices are claiming that if it wants to keep its “young” image, new models should use hybrid powertrains, especially considering the popularity of such Toyota models.

But putting technology like the company’s hybrid synergy drive into a Scion would drastically jack up its price over Toyota’s self-imposed $20,000 limit, which will put off many young people from buying it. As such, according to Hollis, future cars might adopt all-wheel drive, most likely borrowed from Toyota’s Japanese partner, Subaru.

“Ultimately, it’s a prioritization of all our resources,” he revealed “Scion [is an] innovation laboratory and a chance to try new things. We’re really open [to AWD].”

How this might attract young people or even get the brand to lower its fleet-wide emissions is still a mystery, though. Should Toyota implement AWD in Scion models or should it push to lower the price of a hybrid drivetrain and put it one of those cars? Leave your comment below.

Source: Wards Automotive via Autoblog
Pic Source: happy via’s Flickr

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