Scottish police enter confiscated Audi Q7 into service as patrol car –

Police, in the war against organized gangs, usually resort to confiscating what they find, in order to hurt the groups. But the Strathclyde Police, located to the north of Glasgow, Scotland, have taken this practice one step forward, with an Audi Q7 S Line, which they confiscated from a gang and have turned into a bona fide patrol car.

The car was impounded after a raid a few weeks ago, and seeing as how until it will be auctioned off, it was just gathering dust, the police officers decided to have a little fun, on the expense of gang members everywhere. As such, they decorated the Q7 TDI with official livery and are now using it to patrol the streets of the city.

“This is a first for Strathclyde Police, but it certainly won’t be the last,” said Assistant Chief Constable John Neilson in a prepared statement. “As you can clearly see, we are proactively seizing your assets. I would say to the criminals that what you have this week; your houses, your cars – you might not have next week. The hard working, law abiding citizens need to know that we are hurting those involved in serious and organized crime where it matters – their pockets.”

After a few months the car will be auctioned off, as is normal with confiscated goods, and the proceeds will be going to administration efforts for both the police and the community. Overall, this isn’t a bad idea and we’re hoping that the example will be followed by many other departments in the future.

Source: Strathclyde Police via BBC

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