Seat considers sports car, but current models need to sell more |

Out of the regular brands in the Volkswagen group (I’m not talking about Lamborghini or Bentley), Seat has really stood out in terms of design, releasing some great looking models (although some would argue looking the same), based on the durable platforms from VW.

Now, talking about the future plans of the Spanish brand, a source has revealed that a sportscar is definitely on the drawing board, but until it will materialize, the company needs to sell more of its current models, in order to be more profitable and its main Martorell plant to operate at a higher rate. Currently, the plant is running at 50% capacity.

“A sports car is definitely something we’d like to do,” said the source, “but we need to get our volumes up and sell more of the cars we’ve already got before we start thinking about new models. We’re a young, sporty and design-led brand. That’s what Seat stands for; in any sector we’re in, we want to be the sportiest, so something like a sports car makes sense for us.”

Frankly, I’d love to see a Seat sports car, maybe a small Audi TT-based roadster or something completely new. What are your thoughts on the matter? Would a Spanish sportscar peak your interest?

Source: Autocar
Pic Source: Sprinter73’s Flickr

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