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Seeing as how not a lot of people afford to buy new cars these days, certified pre-owned programs are increasingly attractive for automakers. Now, Mazda has just announced that it will be starting its own CPO program, in order to offer customers a more attractive option than buying from the second hand market. The new program covers models from 2006… …read the full post

Many people are targeting, especially in these financially troubled times, the second hand car market if they are interested in buying a car. Seeing as how the decade is coming to a end, the jury of UK website CAP decided to analyze that market and see which vehicles are the most popular. The result was a bit surprising, as the 1998-2005 Ford Focus… …read the full post

Selling your car can sometimes be a stressful, time-consuming chore, and at times like this selling on your car can be even more challenging. But with these 10 killer tips, you can be better prepared, making a quick smooth sale, and not regretting it later. 1. Be realistic with your pricing: You’ve got to price your car realistically in the first… …read the full post