Sell A Car For Parts –

Selling a car for parts can be the best outcome you could have for a car that’s been sitting in the garage or backyard and did nothing more than acquire bugs and rust. It has served its purpose but now it has to go, and strapping it down for parts seems to be the best way to do it. This way you can get some of your money back. If you’re trying to sell, here are some good ways to do it.

First of all, have a look at some of the local junkyards. Usually most junkyards tend to buy the whole car if you give it up for a reasonable price. Of course they will not pay you as much as an individual would because, first of all they are doing the work in stripping the car down and reselling the components that are still worth something. And secondly they usually offer free transport for your piece of junk, so that you won’t have to pay anyone to tow the car there.

If you still feel like selling it to a private party, than consider placing a couple of ads on some online classified sites. eBay motors, Craigslist or PennySaverUSA are some of the most popular sites in the world for sellers and buyers alike. If you construct a nice ad and provide some photos to go with it, you’ll sell the car immediately. If your junk car proves to be a potential classic than, you’ll beat prospective buyers off with a stick.

If you want to keep it simple and just go local, than get a newspaper and have a look at some of the classifieds. You can find many individuals that wish to purchase cars for parts. Get in contact with them and establish a meeting. If your car caught his/her eye, than surely you will receive an offer. Always try to be flexible and keep everything polite, even if you receive a ridiculously low offer. Remember that negotiation is a part of the process so feel free to try and “shift” the price in your favor.

You can take the car to a local auction. Be careful, some auction houses may not allow you to sell the car for parts. After clarifying everything, you can enroll the car for a bid. In case you have a certain amount of money in mind and are not willing to go under that, than you should take make a reserve. Very important! Don’t forget to take into consideration the commission the auction house gets from the sale.

If that doesn’t work either, or you think it’s too much of a hassle, than you should consider giving it away for charity. For the good deed you will be rewarded with a nifty tax deduction that can prove to be more profitable than selling the car altogether. The advantage of charity organizations is that there is absolutely no hassle involved, as a matter of fact there is no effort on your behalf at all. They are the ones taking care of everything, beginning with the vehicle transportation and ending up with the paperwork, which will state that you have donated a car and are eligible for a tax deduction.

Weigh all your options and decide which one helps you the most. If you want to put some effort into selling the car, than you should head online and work with the classifieds, make contact with people and haggle for your car. If not than either you give it up for charity or hear to the nearest junkyard.

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