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If you need to sell your car in Arizona in order to afford buying a new car, you should consider selling privately the car rather than trading it in to a dealer. Especially if your car is a in a good condition and it’s a popular brand, a private sale will bring you more money.

It’s not that hard to sell your car in Arizona. Advertising is the key to a successful and quick private sale. Craigslist should be your first option. You should visit the “Cars and Trucks for Sale” section you can find on the Phoenix Craigslist website and place there an ad. Although it will cost you some money, you will be surprised by the large number of potential buyers that add will provide you. Before deciding upon a price, you can even compare the price you have in mind with the prices of other similar vehicles already listed on the website.

You can also check the Kelley Blue Book (if you want to make sure you are accurately pricing it). For advertising purposes, you should list the car on the KTAR website as well, in the Free Classifieds section. KTAR is one of the most popular radio stations in Arizona, so your ad has the chance of being visited by thousands of people. Another website you should check out is the AZCentral website. This is a partner of and allows you to place a classified while trying to help you find faster a buyer.

When you manage to find a buyer willing to pay a price you are satisfied with, you will have to start thinking about transferring the ownership. With the buyer by your side you will have to fill the car title’s back with the requested details. The name and address of the buyer will be part of those details and the document will also require a signature from both parties. This is the document the next owner will need in order to be able to get a title in his name at the local DMV. You will also have to notify the Arizona DMV of your car’s sale, but you can do that even online if you know the car’s VIN and the number of your driver license. The next step is related to the DMV as well, because it involves returning the plate.

If the registration is not expired, the refund may end up costing you around $12. The return of the license plate is not the only option available. You have 30 days to decide, but you can also keep the plates and register another car or declare that the plates were destroyed. No matter what you decide you do about the plates, you will have to contact the insurance company and let them know you have sold the car. A bill of sale will also have to be filled, because the transaction needs to be made official. Make sure you keep a copy of the bill of sale (after you decide upon the method of payment) and of the title you fill. You can find a bill of sale form on the DMV’s website. All you will have to do is print it and then fill it with the required information.

If you want to sell a car in Arizona, you can also consider providing the buyers with a history report. Most buyers want to be confident in their purchase and such a document will assure them that you have nothing to hide about the car’s condition. It’s not very expensive and you can easily buy it online.

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