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If you feel it’s time for a new car, than it means that the old one has got to go. When selling the car it’s only natural that you would want to get as much as possible for you. When attempting to sell a car locally you are limited on options. Either you choose to trade or sell it to a used car dealership, or you go privately and try to sell to another individual. If you go by the private party system, than you’re bound to get more for the car, more than a dealership anyways despite the extra work involved. There are some things you need to do though before attempting to sell. You need to ensure that your car is very presentable and in its best shape, afterwards you need to find out exactly how much you can get for it.

The first thing you do is take it to take the car to a mechanic. Make an inside and out inspection of the car and find out if you have to do any repairs or if there is the need for any type of work in the near future. That will be useful cause if the car is and will be working properly for a while now, you can offer the customer some level of guarantee, which will certainly bring more interested people to your doorstep. Get an estimated cost from the mechanic. If there are any repairs needed to be done, you should try and make the necessary repairs if you are able to pay for them, because a fully functional car may bring you a big profit that will undermine the costs for repairs to the car.

Search online for car price guides like the Kelley Blue Book pricing system or the Edmunds TMV system to find out the approximate value of the car. Try to keep to these two guides since KBB and Edmunds TMV are the best rated car guides online, providing a whole lot of options and give the most precise prices online.

Establish a price for your car. Take in consideration eventual price subtractions in case you have not done the repairs yourself, or if the car will be in need of repairs soon. Consider upping the price by about 10% so that you can negotiate with the customer safely and still be close to the price you were expecting for it.

Sell A Car Locally

A car will never sell if it’s not properly cleaned. Therefore an automatic car wash is a requirement if you want to get it sparkly clean. Get the interior cleaned completely, vacuum everything including carpets, seats, under the seats and other tight places. Take out any unnecessary or personal things that don’t belong in there. You don’t want the customer to leave with a little extra.

Make a trip to a local hardware store and aquire a “FOR SALE” sign. Write a limited amount of pertinent information about the car, the price and your phone number on the sign and place it in view. Even better, you can go to purchase for less than $2 an official Edmunds For Sale sign, that looks more official and that holds all the info you need.

Create a couple of flyers containing some pictures of your car and a small description, and post them around town. Try to make the flyers as amusing and attractive as possible. There are several design software downloadable programs that can turn a sheet of paper into a colorful flyer in no time.

Place them around and let the customers come.

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