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Classic muscle cars can be considered true works of art and car collectors invest a lot of time and money in their maintenance. Therefore, if you are the owner of such a beauty and you decide to sell it, you should make sure that you put it on sale on the right market segment and at an accurate price tag.

When selling a classic muscle car is very important to be able to provide evidence that you are the owner of the car and also have in handy documents that prove the car is original. That’s how you maximize your profit. It’s even better if the car has a bit of history and some story attached to it, because these cars are valuable because of their unusual history, because of the past they bring into the present. You should also make a list of all the original parts of your classic muscle car and also add the parts that you have available in case something were to break down. Classic car parts can be hard to find, especially for rare models, so if you can provide some parts as well, the asking price can go higher. In the same time you have to handle just one sale.

Pictures are important as well. If you have restored the car it would be nice if you would have before and after pictures or at least a log which can be considered proof of the work you’ve done. You can even let them know of the future improvements or repairs necessary or of your future plans if you have any. It’s important to make a buyer see things in perspective because he will feel more confident about his investment. You should also make available the car’s VIN because the potential buyers will be sure you are selling an original classic muscle car and they will be able to do some research and find out more details about the car on their own. The VIN is able to tell them something about the type of engine, about the body style and is also the source of the build sequence number.

Establishing a fair price is another important task. In the end it depends on how important the car is for car collectors and of course on its overall condition. To get an idea of the price you should set you can look for similar makes and models listed on eBay Motors and also by other online sources like the Hemmings magazine. You can use those prices as a guide and depending on your car’s condition you should add or subtract some dollars. Also, don’t forget to leave room for negotiation. Most buyers love to lower the asking price with a few hundred dollars.

If you want to sell your classic muscle car fast, you should consider posting ads on websites like where listing is free and you can upload up to 8 photos of your car. The ad will be online for three months and if you don’t sell the car by then you shouldn’t worry because the renewal is free of charge. Another option is represented by classic car auctions, especially if you own a rare classic muscle car. If that’s the case you should think about contacting a specialized auction house such as Barrett Jackson, because they will be able to provide you with more customers and a higher price tag.

When you sell a classic muscle car it’s just like when you sell any other car. You need to make sure the news is delivered to the right people.

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