Sell A Wreck Car –

If you are the owner of a wrecked car you shouldn’t give up the idea of making some money. With the right advertising any car can be sold. So, if you want to sell a wrecked car you should first of all try to assess its overall condition in order to determine how it’s most advantageous to sell it: to sell it for parts, to repair it and then sell it for a better price, to find a buyer willing to repair it or to just sell it to a salvage yard at a low price.

If you have no experience in the field and no idea how to evaluate your car’s condition, you should pay a visit to a mechanic and ask him to evaluate your car and the damage it has sustained. After his inspection he should also be ready to tell you how much the repairs would cost. If it’s worth investing some money in order to be able to set a higher sale price, then you should definitely consider the option. If the car is still functional and just a few major repairs you can afford are needed in order to raise the price, you should definitely choose to fix those problems. If you haven’t enough skills to do the job yourself, you will just have to pay attention to the costs involved and ask your mechanic to do the all the work.

On the other hand, if the mechanic considers that the car is beyond repair, you should start considering the option of selling the car for parts or to a junk yard. If that’s the case, you will also need to obtain a salvage title. If you want to sell a wrecked car that is no longer a car of any interest for an insurance company such a title will need to replace the clear title. The process that helps you obtain a salvage title varies from state to state, but in most states the vehicle will have to be inspected by a Highway Patrol Officer that will mostly focus on the safety issues. Depending on the statement that the officer will provide, the DMV will decide if they are going to grant the wrecked car the title or not. If you need more information about the subject you should visit your local DMV or its website.

Once you decide how you are going to sell the car, you should think of an ad that reflects your desire and that will help you get a better price. You can design an ad for the local newspapers or automotive magazines and a different ad for online advertising. You should use the opportunities offered by websites like eBay Motors or craigslist, because as long as you know how to highlight the potential of the wrecked car you are selling you might sell the car faster than you thought and for a better price. Don’t be afraid to post some photos either. In fact, it might be a good idea that will help you prove the car has an incredible potential.

Once you find a buyer you will just have to sign the necessary papers after you agree upon a certain price. Always sign the papers in front of a notary and keep a copy of the bill of sale. If you sell the car for parts you will have to deal with multiple buyers, but in the end you will see it was worth it. The salvage yard is the easiest way to sell a wrecked car, but the disadvantage is the extremely low price.

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