Sell Advertising Space On Car –

Earning some extra money is a desire many people have and it can be easy if you own a car because you can sell advertising space on that car. When you think about it you realize that is quite simple especially if you drive around city every day. You will just have more reasons to do that and actually save some money in the process. The only disadvantage is that you will have to cover the car in ads, but if you are ok with that and you have the necessary driving skills and a reliable car it’s a done deal.

So, if you are interested in selling advertising space on your car you should first of all track down an advertising company that does business in the area where you live. An Internet search should do the trick, but you shouldn’t just go for the first option. You should have some selection criteria and find an agency that is willing to let you choose the specific brand or product you are going to advertise. You should of course choose the highest bidder if you are offered several deals. In addition, you should be ready for a long term contract. You can’t change your mind at any time because this is a serious business like any other.

Once you choose a certain employer you will be asked to sign a contract. You should know by now that no matter what piece of paper you are asked to sign you should read the content multiple times before signing it. You can even have a lawyer check it and you should definitely ask all the questions that pop in your mind. An important piece of information that you should be aware of is the required number of miles you will have to drive every day in order to get paid. You should also ask what material will be used for the advertisement that will be placed on your car. The contract can involve a full car wrap, a bumper sticker or a magnetic sign. This is important because you need to make sure that your car’s exterior won’t be ruined by the use of low quality materials.

After you sign the contract and they get ready to place the sign on your car you should consider being present for the process. You need to make sure the workers will gently fix the advertisement on your car without damaging anything in the process. You should also know that the agency you’ve chosen to work with will still check on you and perform regular car inspections. They need to make sure you’re respecting the route and the number of miles per day you have agreed to drive. If something changes about these two aspects you need to inform the agency’s staff, because you might be violating the agreement. It’s better to make sure you won’t be sued or required to pay penalties. On the other hand, the advertisement company has the right to cancel the agreement if you violate traffic rules or are caught driving drunk. So, if you are found of the job you should avoid such unpleasant situations.

I think that you are now ready to sell advertising space on your car and fully take advantage of this source of additional income. It’s even better if you get to advertise a product or a brand that you actually believe in, like or buy. You will find easier such a job especially if you have a clean driving record and only if you are willing to alter your car’s exterior.

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