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Used cars have become more and more popular as the financial crisis continues to rain havoc throughout the entire economy. According to the specialists, used cars have increased in popularity considerably, in comparison with last year. And not only that, car owners try to extend the life of their used cars more and more, therefore since the beginning of 2010, a continuous flow of demands have been directed to used car parts and used car dealerships. So if you’re the type that stares at cars for hours, likes being around cars and know your way around the toolbox, than you might be eligible to open your own car parts distribution business.

The first problem you need to solve is storage space. You are going to need a pretty big place to store car parts, preferably by class, usage or whatever characteristics you want to sort them by. Search for a good real estate agent that can help you out with a commercial space that won’t bleed you dry.

Afterwards head online and search high and low for the cheapest possible car parts so that you can increase your profits. Look through several manufacturers and make a list of offers so that you can compare them head to head. If you have a good mechanic that would want to enter the business, you can get old cars, or damaged ones and dismantle them. Be wary of events that take place near your location like Auto Parts Trade Shows. Keep a sharp eye on the news for such events.

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You should purchase the parts for the cars you see most often directly from the manufacturers, because you can’t say “I don’t have it” to someone that comes with a Toyota which is driven by 1 out of 5 americans. Be careful though, don’t overstock because you can always simply check for the parts that are flying away and order some more as it goes. You should check out what’s the competition in your area and try to complete what they have not. In other words be sure you’re the sole supplier for a certain car.

Next step is a little publicity. Try making a slogan that puts on display all the feats you can offer. Make it sound like “reliable parts” or “swift delivery” and such. Try to make the message more personal and less businesslike so that the customer doesn’t feel like he’s entering in a corporate building. Make sure to expand and morph your slogan into distributable items like flyers, online articles, brochures and such.

Then it’s time for a little more online interaction. There is no way better than building a website. Make sure to make it as interactive and animated as possible. Don’t show the customer a long list of car parts so that he can “grow old” looking for the car par he needs. Make sure to have interactive buttons and a search engine, a browsing system with filters so that the visitor can finalize his search in a matter of seconds. Add more pertinent data to your website. Make sure to integrate info about how the specific part interacts with others in a car or what its role is. Add tips and advice on doing maintenance on several car parts. Make sure each part you have in stock is added online with full data about it and a picture.

Develop a policy for refundable money on defective car parts. Doing so you will gain more trust in the eyes of the customer since he know that he can get a refund if something goes wrong.

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