Sell Car To Dealer –

Many people choose to sell their cars to a dealer because it’s a faster process or because they want to buy another car in return. When a person sells a car to a dealer and uses the money for a down payment on another car belonging to the dealer, the process is called trading in a car.

If you consider trading in a car, you should know that the dealer will make the process as simple as possible. He will asses your car’s condition and by taking into consideration its year of manufacture, make and model, he will offer you a price tag. You can choose to negotiate a better price if you find it too low or if you hate bargaining and that’s why you chose to sell the car to a dealer, you can accept the offer. Even if the amount you get may be lower than the price you could get from a private sale, you will be able to avoid the time-consuming advertising process and the need to have endless patience with numerous potential buyers that keep asking the same questions. You will also have to make yourself available at certain hours and bargain with each and every person that expresses the intention of buying the car. You will also avoid test drives and leave the responsibility of a resale to the dealer.

Another advantage that is offered by a trade-in is related to taxes. That’s because, if you trade in an older car you will pay the required sales tax only for the difference between the trade-in value and the price tag of the new car you plan to buy. That’s a facility offered by many regional authorities. This is great news especially if you live in a state with a higher than usual sales tax. If the new car you want to buy has a price tag of $25,000 and you are offered for the old car $15,000, you will have to pay the sales tax established by law only for the difference of $10,000. That sounds great, doesn’t it?

If you aren’t that happy with selling the car directly to the dealer, you can ask him to help you sell your car, because some dealers offer customers the possibility to sell their cars through dealer consignment. You will benefit from the service if you agree to pay a fee and, if the car is sold, a commission that represents most of the times 6 to 10% of the sale price. For this money, the dealer will take care of all the details concerning the car’s proper display and advertising. You are still free to set a price that can be higher than the one the dealer would offer you for a trade in. This is a compromise between a private sale that usually provides better prices and a trade in that offers a hassle-free sale.

The only problem with dealer consignment is that not many dealerships offer this option, because most prefer the trade in option. The ones that offer this alternative usually are specialty dealerships interested in helping private sellers to sell their cars only if they are owners of luxury, classic or sports cars. They love to offer their services for a Ferrari or a Porsche, but are less willing to help you with a Taurus.

In the end, you just need to decide what’s best for you and for your future plans. Make sure you always explore your options, because, sometimes, selling your car to a dealer can be more cost-effective than other methods. You never know!

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