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For those who are passionate, or those that love the sight of a collector car, a hot rod or an antique, restoring collector or antique cars can bring some serious money to an individual that acquires a diamond in the rough. Old cars have a long list of people waiting to be given the chance to start the next restoration project, to acquire the car, and “revive” it. When looking at it from the business perspective, buying and selling collector cars is a sublevel of a larger market segment that covers the classic car fans which spend millions of dollars every year, in restoring these cars to their original state.

If you want to sell, a project car of this sort, than you need to find the places where these gatherings are organized. You can get in touch with possible individuals interested and give them the car to work with.

Ok, first you’re going to need some pictures of the car. Try to take them in a place that is well lit so that you can show them all the angles to work with. Also include images that show both the exterior and interior and don’t forget to take some for the car parts as well. The easiest way is to use a digital camera, so you can download the pictures on your computer in digital format and then place them online to advertise. Good pictures are the first selling point of each car. And by taking them as clear and detailed as possible, maximizes your chances to get an interested buyer. The buyer want to be sure that he has as much info as he can get in order to make the decision of giving you a call about the car, therefore having a good set of pictures online is a must.

Sell Collector Car

Contact a couple of online websites that can be used as guides into the classic and collector car world. Some of the best info can be found at Hemmings, Auto Trade Classics or Classic Car Sales. Here you can find the best info related to selling project collector cars for restoration. You have the option to place ads with complete information about the car including pictures of the car and so on. Than you can submit the ad at the For Sale section included in the process and wait around for prospective buyers.

Another good idea is to place an advertisement in a local Auto Trader magazine that publishes collector cars for sale just about each week. The local market that targets restoration projects is the ticket for a good, fast sale. Car enthusiasts will love to restore those cars in their own back yard, in plain sight.

Get some info about the closest car shows and enlist your car in one of them. This is probably the best way to find the perfect buyer for your car. Since car shows are not something to be missed, especially for restoration project seekers, such an event will bring individuals form each nearby towns. They all look for new projects to work on, or to see other ideas, modifications, improvements that have already been done on similar cars. Seeing a collector car in a bad shape can awake the thirst for a challenge in some of them. This works for you perfectly since they will desire to buy your car just to see it shiny and sparkling. In case you own a car that is really rare, or valuable in any way is a HUGE advantage. You will have to beat car enthusiasts off with a stick.

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