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Let’s say that you’ve had your car a long time, and with time the old gal’ has little life left in it. In the meantime you got another car that’s working very well and you don’t want to keep the old one in the garage to acquire nothing but rust. Well if you find yourself in this situation, than the best idea is to sell it for parts. This is an ideal way to get some cash for it since it’s not running any more and no one will buy it as whole. If you decide you want to do this than here are a couple of ideas on how to approach the subject.

The first place you need to go is the closest junk yard. Often junk yards will get old cars off your hands if you give them a reasonable price. They probably won’t pay as much as a private buyer would, since they will do the work for you, in stripping the car apart and select the parts that are still usable, and put them up for sale. This is the fastest way to get rid if your old gal’ since it doesn’t involve any hassle and you won’t even have to check out its parts.

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If you want to do it yourself, there are several factors you need to take into consideration. One of the main factors, is knowing about how much your car is worth. One option is to look online to similar cars from the same year and weigh their prices against yours. Another option would be visiting a local parts store or get a mechanic to check up your car and give you an estimate. You might have to offer him a little extra but at least you’ll get a truthful answer and you’ll know where to start.

After you’ve settled your price, than it’s time for a little advertisement. One place if great interest is the classifieds section of an online website such as or These websites are known through all USA so your changes of getting a prospective buyer are very high, especially if you have a good set of parts for sale. Go ahead and pick up a local newspaper or a “Thrifty Nickel” ad book from the nearest gas station. Snoop around for individuals that are looking to purchase used car parts. Select the ones you think are best suited for what you have to offer and give them a call, to come and check out your car. If they like what they see, than you’ll receive a price offer. Remember, always be flexible because with a little negotiation you can both end up happy.

Another simple, yet effective way to do a little advertisement, putting up a few flyers in local stores. You can easily make your flyers on your computer, by the use of simple programs like PowerPoint. Include a photo of your car, the asking price and of course a few contact details. Make sure to explain that you’re selling the car for parts.

Another good option is enlisting your car in a car auction. Contact the owners and see if you’re allowed to put your car up for sale (don’t forget to mention about the car parts). If so, enroll the car in a bid. Than all you need to do is wait comfortably for the price to rise. Don’t forget to specify that you don’t want to go below a certain price, and keep in mind that the auction house gets a commission from the sale so pick the price carefully.

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