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If you want to sell your car online, besides using websites like eBay or Craigslist, you can also think about online dealers. Selling the car online is a great idea, because has established that almost 8 out of 10 people who want to buy a car check out online sources before making a final decision. This means, that by properly advertising the car you will have better chances to quickly find a buyer.

If you don’t want to have to deal with multiple potential buyers, you can choose to sell the car online to a dealer. If it’s your first attempt, you should first of all consider browsing the website of the Better Business Bureau in order to find out some information about the available car dealers that do business online. The information will help you choose an online dealer that it’s reliable and known for offering fair prices. Usually the websites of these dealers allow you to obtain an estimate of the price you would get if you would sell the car to them.

But before making a final decision, you should also visit websites like or in order to find out which are the prices specified for cars similar to yours. It’s better to know what to expect, because you will be able to set a price that will help you sell the car faster or at least a price that will make buyers think that you are a reasonable seller. You might be surprised of how much the prices vary from website to website, but this mainly depends on the car’s condition and the optional features as well (not only on the website where it’s advertised).

You can choose to sell the car online privately or let a larger company handle the sale after buying your rights. There are corporation that agree to such sales and one example is CarMax. This is a known retailer that does business online on its website They offer to buy your car on the spot and then resell it. If you want to be done quickly with the process, then this is a great option, but if you want a better price you should wait a little longer and be more open to a private sale. It’s obvious that middlemen reduce the profit you can make.

To be able to fully benefit from the possibility to sell your car online, you should just explore all the options. List the car on as many websites as possible and also consider dealers, local newspapers and automotive magazines that also have popular websites. It’s not wise to focus only on selling your car online. By parking the car in a popular area and placing the traditional “For sale” sign you might be able to obtain even better results.

There’s one more thing I should tell you about selling your car online: you need to beware of scams. It might be cheap and easy to advertise a car online, but you should also know that there are also people that respond to these online ads with the intention to scam a well-intentioned seller. You should avoid people that ask oversea car shipping or people that want to pay by check. If you agree to a payment method that involves a check, you should ask the buyer to accompany you to the bank. That’s how you will see if you can cash the check and after you make sure of that you can complete the transaction without having to worry if you are dealing with a legitimate buyer or not.

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