Shaq pays $23,000 a month for gas |

Everybody knows Shaquille O’Neal, Miami Heat’s superstar and we all know he’s a big guy (7 ft 1 in and 325 lb). He probably needs big cars to get around and, according to his financial statement he pays $23,000 every month for gas. Of course, some would say that these number are inflated, because the financial statement has been filled in his divorce case, but nooo, we say that he really likes to spend time driving. A little math shows that, if his cars would make 5 MPG (about 50 liters/100 km), he’d still have to drive around 1,300 miles everyday, in order for him to pay that much money on gas.

Then again, you should look at other numbers from the statement: $1,500 for cable TV, $110,000 for monthly vacations, $17,000 for clothing and $26,500 for babysitting. The guy really likes to spend, huh?

Detroit Free Press [Via Jalopnik]

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