Shaq’s Lambo Gets Stretched |

If your name is Shaquille O’Neal, you might wonder what could go wrong in your life? Well, Shaq’s latest problem was his Lamborghini Gallardo which had to be modified by Gaffoglio Family Metalcrafters, so that the 7.1 feet NBA superstar could feel more confortable in it.

The Gallardo received custom extended doors, roof and side windows. The challenge was also to keep the car’s “visual integrity” with the changes. Glass fabrication was a particular challenge, so the company relied on their aerospace and coachworks divisions to make sure Shaq could fit in the car. And they did a great job, and the Lambo still looks normal, even if its now 12 inches longer. I imagine Shaq having a “Pimp my ride” reaction “ohh my good, thank you X, thanks Gaffoglio for pimping my ride”.

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