Shelby releases Ford F-150 Super Snake concept |

Renown coachbuilder Shelby has is iconic to many muscle car fans due to the great work it did with various Ford models, with the biggest attention going to the Mustang, which has seen many different editions appear, with one of the most impressive being the Super Snake-badged ones.

But at this year’s SEMA show, Shelby also revealed a performance version of the Ford F-150 pick-up truck, which besides the custom paint scheme in red and black stripes on the inside, has received a 5.4-liter engine which outputs 475 HP.

Besides the increase in power, the performance kit also includes a 6-piston braking system, a lowered (by 3 inches/76mm) and stiffened suspension but also a new body kit. The latter is constituted from a new front fascia, a mesh grille, a carbon fiber splitter, fender vents and new ducts to cool the brakes.

Of course, Super Snake and Shelby badges have been spread all around the custom pick-up, to make any fan proud of his purchase.

Source: WorldCarFans

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