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You’ve finally reached an end to your search and successfully acquired the vehicle you’ve been longing for. No matter if you got it at an auction or you went online for it, whether you got it from a far away dealership or a loved one bought it for you as the greatest gift ever. Maybe you’re just moving away and you’re not going to leave your family jewel, a ’67 Impala behind. Whichever of these is true, it doesn’t matter. The only thing that matters is that your car has to come with you.

The predicament is the fact that the destination is very far and you don’t exactly want to fly there, take possession of the car and drive it all the way back home. This is because you either don’t have the time or cannot afford to leave work. You love the car but having to travel more than 3000 miles is not exactly in the game plan and, despite the fact that the vehicle is in tip top shape, a 3000 mile drive would take a lot out of it and you just can’t have that.

Now I ask you this. Have you ever seen some big trailers passing you by on the highway? Or open air trucks that carry a full load of sweet rides from one country to another? Well those are the “backbones” of each auto transport company which would be delighted to carry your “jewel” for you.

Naturally, like any market, the car shipping market is as competitive as any. Therefore car shipping companies offer a wide array of prices and options available. Therefore it’s up t you to make the best decision for your car and dollar.

Shipping Car Advice

First you can head online and perform a simple search query for “car carriers”. Pick the ones you are familiar with, if you have any or some you may have heard about. The first ones that pop up at the search engine are usually the biggest, and most rated of all companies and they may be affiliated to hundreds of other associations like auction houses or even the car clubs or dealerships from where you purchased the car.

Just about any car transport company will offer you an online “free quote”. This means that you’re given an online form to complete in order to determine the cost of shipping the car. The risk you take is a minimal one so it’s ok to provide them with your email address as well. That is a requirement since they need it for processing and will answer you in about 48 hours tops. The process is very simple. All you need to provide is your zip code and some contact info alongside with the current location of the vehicle and the destination where you want the car to be transported. You also need to include the date you wish to transport. You will be given a pertinent and professional response with a price and exact details regarding the shipping. Repeat the whole process and you’ve got an entire list of prices and services to compare from.

Another thing you have to know is that, there are to types of car transportation companies. The car shippers and the brokers. Both can be very good but brokers tend to complicate things a bit because they technically do not own the trucks that make transport and have to get in touch with another company for the transport. Car shipping companies have their own trucks therefore the process is a lot simpler and a bit more reliable.

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