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Shipping A Car To Italy

A European destination chosen by many tourists and by those who want to relocate in a charming area is Italy. Therefore, knowing a thing or two about shipping a car to Italy is definitely something that is of interest to many of us.

If you ship to Italy a car which has more than 6,000 kilometers on board and is older than 6 months you won’t have to pay any duty. That rule applies only if you are shipping the car to Italy from another country that is part of the European Union. For those who ship their cars from other countries the duty can also be avoided as long as they’ve been the owner of the car for at least a year before they ship it. To import a vehicle in Italy, you will also be required to provide a residence certificate and a certificate of origin. If the car is brought in Italy by an Italian citizen it will be free of duty as long as that Italian has been abroad for a year and a half and he can prove it. The only problem is that a car brought in Italy without paying the duty can’t be sold for a year.

If you want to ship to Italy a new car, you will find out that’s a task difficult to accomplish, because the Italian authorities discourage the import of such cars. The restrictions apply especially to new cars with an engine capacity of more than 2000cc. No matter the car you want to import to Italy you should prepare a few documents: the car’s registration card and title, and information about the manufacturer. Proof of insurance is also required and all the papers should be originals.

The authorities also offer the option of temporary import for people that plan on living in Italy for only 6 months. The temporary import will involve a payment of $1,200. If you find it necessary to extend the stay you will have to acquire a plate called escursionisti esteri. A special treatment is also offered to military personnel. Military members and NATO members will be able to import their private cars in Italy and have the expenditure covered by the government. They won’t have to pay duty either.

To ship your car to Italy you will have to first compare the offers provided by more than one car shipping company (the more quotes, the better). Once you choose one, you will have to discuss details related to the method of shipment (container or open trailer), to the type of delivery you want (door-to-door or terminal-to-terminal), to the total cost and to the Italian Customs regulations. You will also have to provide the shipping company you hire with a set of keys for every locked car part and with copies of some papers: the car’s registration and title and your driver’s license. If your car is financed you will also have to provide a copy of your creditor’s statement that says he is aware you are shipping the car to Italy.

You will also have to prepare the car for the shipment. You should remove any valuable items or papers from its inside, and leave in the tank little gas. You should also check the tires and the brakes, because unless the car is in a good condition you may not be able to ship it. Don’t forget about insurance either because no matter how reliable the shipper is, there is still the risk of damages. By buying the proper insurance every repair that costs more than $500 will be covered.

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