Shipping Car To Ecuador –

Travelling around the globe it’s a desire many of us have and maybe someday faith will lead you to an exotic country like Ecuador. If that happens you will have to know a few things before you will be able to safely ship your car to Ecuador.

A first rule is that the car which is the subject of shipping should be less than a year old. But even if the car meets the standard you will still have to ask for the approval of the Ecuador authorities before you can legally import the car. Only when you get the approval you will be able to take care of the rest of details involved by shipping the car to Ecuador.

To get this approval you will have to request the necessary documents from the Ministry of Finance and get the import license from the main bank in Ecuador. The contact details of these institutions can be easily found online. For making the necessary phone calls, before you enter the institution’s phone number you will have to dial 011 (that means you are making an international call) and then 593 (Ecuador’s country code). You can also consider sending an email and you can easily do that as long as you visit their website. The only problem is that the entire website is in Spanish.

Once you solve the legal issues you should start thinking about the actual shipment. First of all you need to measure the car and establish its weight. You may be requested to provide the measurements in feet or meters, so determine the both values. To retrieve this information you should check the car’s manual or the door panel of the driver’s door. You will also be requested to provide proof of ownership. The registration papers or the car’s title should be enough as long as those are accompanied by legalized copies of the original invoice.

The next step involves finding the right car shipping company and establishing the destination port. The only ports in the USA that offer car shipping to Ecuador are New York, Philadelphia and Miami. The possible destination ports are more than a few. Some examples would be Quito and Santo Domingo. To be able to choose the best car shipping company you should get quotes from more than one company by using the help of websites like Once you find a company you want to hire you should think about the shipment method which best works for you. One option is RORO (Roll On Roll Off) when the car is driven on and off the ship. This is a method mainly used on cargos and ferries. If you own an expensive car, you should consider shipping your car to Ecuador in a sealed container that will offer a higher level of protection. This method is usually used for haul shipping.

The day of the shipment you will have to get a certificate from the staff at the departure port that has the responsibility to verify the car before it’s actually shipped. This document will be requested once the car gets to Ecuador so don’t forget about it. If all the papers are in order, once the car makes it to the destination port you will have to pick it up and pay the requested duties. Some extra fees may also be involved. One may be the loading fee that many shipping companies add to the total cost.

Now you are ready to ship your car to Ecuador. You just need to have the papers in order and the necessary money.

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