Shipping Your Car –

Nowadays car shipping has become a lot less complicated than only a few years ago. Now there are hundreds of shipping companies that cover all types of shipping. Indeed using a shipping service from a professional shipping company can be a bit pricier than if you were to do it yourself, but on the other hand, you protect your car from a “road trip” that can mean even 2000 miles. An even bigger problem is shipping a car overseas, thing you cannot do by yourself, therefore going for a shipping company is your best bet.

Car shippers mostly offer to drive your car to the designated destination, or load it up in a truck to save your car the extra miles. There are several service types, each of them having different advantages and different prices. You should pick the one that suits you best. If you have to move your car overseas, than you will be required to follow a couple of regulations in order to make the shipping easy and safe.

In order to find a good shipping company, you need to do some research. Think of what shipping service you need and search for companies that can provide that service. A good place to begin is the Better Business Bureau. This is an organization that examines and reviews the shipping companies with the best services.

Shipping Your Car

By now you must have a couple of shipping companies on your mind. The next step is to verify more thoroughly these companies. Search for customer reviews and possible complains. See if those complaints have been resolved, or if the customers were satisfied with the services provided. It’s highly improbable for a shipping company to have only completely satisfied customers. The idea is to search company with the fewest complains, while checking if those complaints have been dealt with. Read carefully all the reviews, and if you picked a company, get in touch with them and ask them about some of the complaints you’ve seen and how were those resolved. If you detect any hesitation whatsoever or any other funny business hang up and go for another company.

Finally you have a company that you trust. Now you need to know how things will go. The company will give you an estimate of when they can arrive and pick up the vehicle and establish the delivery day. Usually there is a window of three to five days, in case you don’t feel comfortable about the date, than they will store it pending another transport date.

For safety and security reasons, the company will perform a full inspection of the vehicle’s condition and appearance before they load it up. You will receive a report that you will also sign. Make sure to read it carefully before you sign anything since that is the condition your car has to be when the delivery is finished. In case the car sustains any damage, the insurance company will look at the report and repair it. The report also contains data about mileage, gas gauge and the pick up / delivery dates.

In case you head for open car shipping, you should clear the car of all belongings because the company usually takes no responsibility regarding lost objects that were in the car. Be sure to take out tools, whatever gadgets or other valuable objects. When you receive the car take your time to check it out inch by inch, for any possible scratches, damage or missing items. Do not sign a thing before you’ve checked it from wheels to rooftop.

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