Silver is the most popular car color in the world, new report says |

Silver has been charted as the most popular car color in the world according to a color popularity report, sustained by DuPont which charted the most demanded car colors around the world and for specific regions like North America or Europe.

The end results for the whole word, as you can see above, sees Silver dominate with 25%, followed by Black, 23% and White with 16 %. In North America however, things are a bit different, and White takes the top spot, accounting for 17.8% of cars, while Black (17%) and Silver (16.7%) follow. In Europe, things get a bit darker, as Black accounts for 27 percent, followed by Silver (19.9) and White, with 10.2 %.

Overall, this report is quite interesting. While my own car is white, I’d say that black would be my favorite choice. In the end though, it depends on what car you’re buying. What do you think? What’s your favorite car color?

Source: DuPont via Autoblog

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