Smart ForTwo+2 Spied

Smart ForTwo+2

I complained last week that we haven’t heard anything lately from Smart. Well, we still don’t know anything official from the German automaker, but this spy photo of the ForTwo+2 will start some rumors, it already did. We all knew that Smart was developing a bigger variant of the popular ForTwo which should be launched later this year, but we haven’t seen any leaked photos, up until now. Although this is a 1:4 scale and the image is a little bit blurry, we can still understand what the design of the ForTwo + 2 will be like.

The front fascia of this “tiny bigger” model has been reworked entirely and now features newly shaped and narrower headlights along with an open-mouth grille. The one you see in this spy photo comes in a 4-door body style with two additional seats and rear-hinged doors which will allow a more convenient access in the back. According to some sources, these doors might not make it in the final production model – we’ll have to wait and see.

Without any doubt, the soon-to-be-released Smart ForTwo+2 is a larger, wheelbase-extended configuration of the ForTwo, but the upcoming generation of the ForTwo will also be larger in comparison with the outgoing model, both in width and length. It will still remain a RWD / rear-engined car as before.

Taking into consideration the fact that Daimler and Renault-Nissan have teamed up to share small car power trains, the upcoming Smart generation might get a new transmission as well as a bunch of engines from the Franco-Japanese automaker alliance.

The 2011 Smart ForTwo will make its public appearance in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show.