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Seeing as how the Ferrari 458 Italia is currently dominating headlines with its fire prone nature, a new incident seeks to keep the also flammable Audi R8 on top. Manchester City football player Mario Balotelli has crashed his matte black Audi R8 on the streets of the British city, presumably in a collision with a BMW. While the German supercar didn’t… …read the full post

In case you’ve been living under a rock in the last few weeks, you might have watched at least a few minutes of the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Also, in case you didn’t watch the halftime show or anything like that, you were subjected to the sound of thousands of vuvuzelas, traditional African … trumpets of some sort, that made… …read the full post

The 2010 World Cup in soccer is set to start this Friday in South Africa. With it, Daimler boss, Dieter Zetsche, is planning a new incentive rush for Mercedes-Benz. In order to promote the company’s tie to both the World Cup organizers and to the German national team, Zetsche has pushed for new incentives, with as much as a $2,493 discount for… …read the full post

Football (soccer) players really have it all, from lots of money to pretty women and, most importantly, very fast cars. But it seems that they don’t really have the skill to “tame” such wild machines, as 21-year-old Danish striker Nicklas Bendtner for Arsenal London football team in the UK crashed his beautiful £120,000 ($270,000)… …read the full post

In Europe and the whole world, soccer, or football as we call it, is pretty big and car manufacturers know that so advertising with a team is a good investment. This led to teams playing with the brand on their T-shirts, getting free cars from the producers, or even naming stadiums after the manufacturer (Mercedes-Benz Arena anyone?). But lately,… …read the full post

Here’s some interesting news. Last year David Beckham’s armored BMW X5 was stolen from Spain capital, Madrid. Through some strange coincidence, the bodyguard who took care of the car “forgot” to start the tracking program which monitors the car and prevents thefts like this. Strange for someone who is probably paid very good… …read the full post