Spada Cadatronca gets new promotional video revealing it isn't the Batmobile |

There are certainly quite a lot of things you can say about the rather peculiar Spada Cadatronca, an Italian supercar with a massive 7-liter engine which produces around 630 HP. Most of these things will probably focus on the odd design lines and the back which makes it look like a prop for any 1990s Batman films.

But in order to settle the dispute once and for all, the company got a certain Mr Kobayashi to direct a presentation video of the new supercar. Part computer-generated images, part real life, the vide is all parts breath taking, showing that Spada spared no expense in making its car look beautiful … at least on film. Enjoy the video and take the jump for a photo gallery of the intriguing supercar.

Photo Gallery: Spada Codatronca TS

Source: Autoblog