Spanish bank offers free cars for new deposits |

This definitely has to be one of the most interesting marketing strategies ever. Spanish bank Banesto (a subsidiary of Santander, Spain’s largest banking organisation and owner of British banks Alliance & Leicester and Abbey), has announced that they plan on rolling a campaign that will offer brand new, all expenses paid, cars to customers that deposit between €18,000 ($26,400) and €160,000 ($235,000) for 24 to 36 months. That sounds crazy, right?

But that’s actually not that convenient. Because, first of all, you don’t get any interest on the money, and second, the cars are not really that appealing. For a €99,000 deposit you get a Citroen C2, for €120,000 you get a Citroen C3 Furior, while for the maximum €160,000 you get a Citroen C4 diesel. Is it worth it locking your money for so long for these cars? Don’t think so! Anyways, it sure was interesting to read about it.


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