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Lancia plans on bringing back their legendary Lancia Delta and the new car will make its debut at the Geneva Motor Show. The car is based on the Lancia HPE Concept presented two years ago at the same Geneva show. The new Lancia Delta will be built on the Fiat Bravo platform and it will basically be a more luxurious Bravo. That’s about all the… …read the full post

If you’d ask someone what can you do with a car, I bet you most answers would be “you can drive it” and no one would say “you can play it”. And they’d be wrong, because look at this Ford Focus (or at least what’s left of it). Two American musicians, composer Craig Richey and sound designer Bill Milbrodt stripped… …read the full post

Once again, eBay is the place for the weirdest most interesting cars we get to see around here. And here’s the latest one, put up for auction today. This thing you see here is a Corvette monster truck, built on a Ford platform. Cool, huh? The car was built by some dude in Hastings, Michigan, has a Chevrolet Corvette body placed on a 1976 Ford… …read the full post

Herpa, a miniature car models German manufacturer, which currently owns the rights for the Trabant brand announced some time ago, at the Frankfurt Motor Show, that it will try to take the “Initiative newTrabi”, in hope it will manage to revive the German car. Now, due to the positive feedback they received at Frankfurt, the company announced… …read the full post

Speed bumps are probably suspensions’ worst nightmare (besides paved roads) because I’m sure it happened to you also to drive at night, miss a speed bump at 40 mph and knock your head into the car’s ceiling. But recent studies show that speed bump are not only bad for your car and your head, but they also harm the planet. Funny, huh?… …read the full post

Looks like the Tesla Roadster is one step closer to production, because the car managed to pass all the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) crash tests. These standards are slightly different for electric vehicles, comparing to the regular gasoline powered cars, because it requires attention paid to the spillage of electrolyte and avoidance… …read the full post

Everybody knows Shaquille O’Neal, Miami Heat’s superstar and we all know he’s a big guy (7 ft 1 in and 325 lb). He probably needs big cars to get around and, according to his financial statement he pays $23,000 every month for gas. Of course, some would say that these number are inflated, because the financial statement has been filled… …read the full post

What’s up with these high performance car makers? I mean, some time ago rumors kept going around regarding a possible Lamborghini SUV, then we’ve heard about a Ferrari SUV and now Spyker wants to build an SUV and launch it in 2009. Probably encouraged by Porsche’s success with the Cayenne, these guys also want a piece of the cake…. …read the full post

Motorcity Europe released the first renderings of their latest concept, the MC1 Supercar. What’s really amazing about this 600 hp supercar is that it has been fully designed in just 90 days. This way, Dave Hilton, Motorcity Europe’s director, tried to prove that you don’t need a few years just to design a supercar. With a total length… …read the full post

The Detroit News reports that a recent study taken at the Detroit show reveals that car seat didn’t really progress in the last 10 years and that car makers fit their cars with seats that are about the same with the ones made in 1999 (we’re talking about the materials used on the seat’s interior). But it looks like things will change,… …read the full post

Friday, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes announced that Lewis Hamilton signed a new contract with the team. The contract ends in 2012 and it will bring the young British F1 superstar a total of $138 million (that’s about $27 million every year). Not bad for Lewis who, for its 2007 performance got only $700,000. Hamilton, who turned 23 on January 7,… …read the full post

In the past, Chinese car makers were accused of lack of originality and copying designs from European producers. One thing can be said about the Tang Hua electric cars. They sure are original. Not in a good way, but original. I mean, c’mon, what are these? The guys over at Autoblog call them “Disneyland rejects” and I think they’re… …read the full post

Take a look what some guy found in a Barn in Pratt, Kansas. The 109 old cars, among which is a very rare 1934 Chrysler Airflow, belonged to some guy who tried to restore them but, obviously, failed. All the cars are on sale on eBay, for $195,000. Not a bad price for a great collection and someone who knows what he’s doing could come up with some… …read the full post

Even though the Detroit Auto Show is this month’s main auto event, another motor show is about to start, the Auto Expo 2008, which will take place in New Delhi, India, starting January 9. Here’s a preview made by GarageLibrary’s Shrawan, which will also cover the Delhi show for AutoUnleashed The land of the Taj mahal now gets its… …read the full post

35 year old Neal Bailey is trying something really cool. He wants to create a modern sports car that is inspired from the classic sports car and he has chosen the Shelby Cobra as his source of inspiration. We’re sure this was a really brave decision, because it’s not everyday we see someone trying to create its own sports car and, if the… …read the full post