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Ok, the title is a little exaggerated, but not that far from the truth. According to KWGN, the parking lot at the Denver International Airport is filled with rabbits who love to chew on cars’ wiring, which use a soy-based compound that rabbits find very tasty. The most recent case was Dexter Meyer’s who, after a nine day trip, came back home and couldn’t start his brand new VW Jetta in the DIA parking.

Apparently, the problem isn’t new, because five years ago FOX31 reported several similar cases with travelers not being able to start their cars after rabbits chewed on the wiring. Oh, and by the way, the rabbits are also pretty choosy, because this happens only to 2002 and newer models.

This makes you wonder…what the heck is going on with animals and cars recently? I mean, a few days ago turkeys attacked a Porsche, now rabbits are chewing on cars…is the world coming to an end?

Check out the news report video after the jump. (more…)

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Cars and women in thongs have always been among men’s favorites, but who would’ve ever thought about cars in thongs? Awful!


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A few hours ago we published the topless drifting video and Nick, one of our readers, pointed out a very funny thing. If you look at the YouTube address for the video, you can clearly see what’s it about: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uu1Ao8Bo0bs.

Makes you think YouTube has found some new way of knowing what the videos are about And in case you missed it, here’s the video again. Enjoy!

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After the pretty disappointing Gymkhana Three Part 1: The Music Video, Ken Block promised that the real drifting craziness which is the Gymkhana will return with a proper Part 2.

Now, thanks to the guys at Jalopnik, we have a date to circle in our calendar, plus a few new details about the upcoming video.

It seems that the Gymkhana Three Part 2 will be making its Internet debut on September 14. Also, the new video was shot on location in France, as Block is seemingly bored with drifting in the USA.

Still, expect plenty of tire shredding stunts and that same Gymkhana madness that made Block such a popular driver all over the world. He’s gonna have to work extra hard though, in order to erase the memory of the recent music video.


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Passing a driver’s license exam can be a pretty hard thing, especially for those that can’t cope with stress. But everyone might just learn a thing or two about perseverance from a South Korean grandmother who passed her license test on the 960th attempt.

According to authorities, 69-year old Cha Sa-soon started taking the driver’s exam in 2005. At that time, she took it everyday, 5 days a week. After a period, she slowed down to just two days a week, but the didn’t give up.

Finally, last week, she passed both the written and the practical phases of the exam and got her license. She now appears in a TV advert for Hyundai and got a Kia Soul to take her kids to the zoo.

Her driving instructor is confident the little grandmother won’t be a danger on the road, as she always had problems with the written part of the exam. Hopefully she will put her new license to good work in the future.


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Insurance company Allstate has charted the safest driving cities in the USA by studying the number of insurance claims and recorded accidents from the last 12 months.

This data was compiled, and it resulted that Fort Collins, Colorado, is this year’s safest city to drive in. According to the data, drivers in that city will get into an accident every 14.5 years, which is 31.2 percent better than the national average.

The last spot is occupied by Washington D.C. Inhabitants of the country’s capital city are subject to an accident every 5.1 years. One spot above is Baltimore, Maryland, where inhabitants filed for insurance claims every 5.6 years.

Hit the jump to see a video from Allstate with the results and a few tips for safer driving. Check out the complete results at Allstate’s website

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Well, we’ve waited for quite a long time to see Ken Block and his new Gymkhana Three video, starring the brand new, 600 HP Ford Fiesta rally car, but it seems we’re going to wait a bit more.

DC Shoes did release the first part of the Gymkhana Three, but unlike previous installments, where Block went all out, this time it’s an actual music video, with Block just making a few appearances in his DC Shoes apparel line. For anyone interested, the song is Clicking, performed by rap duo The Cool Kids.

Expect the second (and real) part of Gymkhana Three in the following weeks. Until then, score some glimpses of Block and his Fiesta in the video after the jump.

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Most of you guys may already know this, but for those of you not up to date, today is the day when rally driver and stunt man Ken Block will launch his Gymkhana Three video.

Get ready for more drifting, powersliding, stunts and more as Block will throw around his 600 HP modified Ford Fiesta around an industrial complex of some sorts.

Teaser shots are already on the DC Shoes Gymkhana Three website, so stay tuned for the official video in the following hours. Until then, why don’t you check out Gymkhana 1, Gymkhana 2 and Gymkhana 2.1, all located after the jump.

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For all those people with money to burn and performance cars to race on public roads, here’s a quick tip: whatever you do, don’t go speeding in Switzerland.

One Swedish Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG owner found this out the hard way, as he was clocked by the traffic camera doing a whopping 186 mph (300 km/h) on the highway between Bern and Lausanne. His excuse? The speedometer broke. Yeah, right.

As such, given Switzerland’s fine system that factors in the speed of the car and the annual income of the culprit, the Swedish man needs to pay the maximum fine possible, $1 million.

According to Swiss police officials, this is the highest speed recorded on the country’s public roads and, quite probably, the largest speeding ticket ever issued in the whole world.

Maybe next time the Swedish Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG owner will stick to the open roads of Germany’s Autobahn.


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Seeing as how summer is in its last month, Consumer Reports decided to make life easier for parents and teens that want to by a new car before school starts.

As such, the reputed American magazine has charted some of the best cars for both young, as well as senior drivers. By doing so, CR hopes that parents will try to avoid buying big, clunky SUVs for their children, thinking that it is the safest choice.

Instead, CR recommends smaller, more agile cars, fitted with safety equipment like ESC (Electronic Stability Control) as well as side airbags. The magazine says that models perfectly suited for teen drivers include the Hyundai Elantra, Mazda3, Scion xB, Acura TSX, Honda Accord, Kia Optima, Honda CR-V or the Nissan Rogue.

In case senior drivers want to buy a brand new car, CR advises they should consider models like the Honda Odyssey, Subaru Forester XT Limited, Hyundai Azera, Honda Accord or the Kia Rondo.

Judging from the two lists, as well as other recommendations, the Honda Accord (pictured above) is definitely the car to buy, no matter the age.


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A new research report has arrived from the Highway Loss Data Institute, showcasing the highest and lowers insurance claims for theft per vehicle.

As you might have guessed, thieves are mostly interested in big, luxury SUVs, with the Cadillac Escalade topping the most stolen vehicles list. According to the HLDI, insurance companies were forced to pay $146 per each Escalade insured last year, due to theft loss. In simpler terms, around 10.8 Cadillac SUVs were stolen per each 1,000 insured.

How do thieves get past things like OnStar or other security measures? Simple, by putting the SUV on a flatbed and driving off.

Other vehicles with high theft claims include the Ford F-250 Crew pickup truck, as well as the Infiniti G37 or the HEMI-equipped Dodge Charger.

On the other end of the list, the car with the least theft claims is the Volvo S80 limousine. Other safe vehicles include the Saturn VUE, the Nissan Murano or the Toyota Prius.

As a last bit of warning, the HDLI says that people should avoid big, luxury SUVs as well as pickup trucks, no matter how many security systems they have.


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Here’s something you don’t actually see everyday, a pair of supercars with their wheels clamped by police for illegal parking.

The models in question, two customized baby-blue Koeniggsegg CCXR and a Lamborghini Murcielago LP670-4 Super Veloce, reportedly owned by Arab oil tycoon Ana Al-Thani, were clamped by a very brave police officer in front of London’s famous Harrods department store.

While other details aren’t known, it’s pretty gratifying to see that even supercar-owning oil tycoons aren’t immune to parking laws, especially in a crowded city like London. Hit the jump to see a video of the two clamped exotic supercars.

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Washing a car, in the minds of most drivers, is one of the most trivial things you can do. That’s why many just limit themselves to doing it at home, thus saving the money they would spend at a regular car wash.

When you own a supercar though, things change a bit. That’s why a young entrepreneur from the UK decided to open up one of the country’s most expensive car wash and detailing services.

While it isn’t exclusive to supercars, the price for the complete treatment, £7,200 (nearly $11,000) makes sure that only the richest customers visit his dedicated shop.

What does he do to charge such a huge amount of money? He uses various types of washing fluids, taking both the exterior and interior through several cycles of cleansing. Afterwards, special waxes are used to guarantee a smooth finish. In some cases, he even uses a microscope to detect imperfections in the car’s paint. The whole process takes upward to 250 hours.

Don’t believe us? Hit the jump and see a video interview of the young entrepreneur while he takes care of a Lamborghini Gallardo.

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Finding a parking spot can easily be one of the most frustrating things about owning a car, as you can never seem to find one, especially in crowded cities.

Lukicly, this Asian female driver has come up with a great solution.

Wherever she parks, she just rolls down plastic sheets with the appropriate markings, and also hangs a ‘Parking’ sign near a light post. As such, it looks like she is parked in a legal spot, even though she is actually in a zone without any free spots.

As much as female drivers are blamed for many things, this time we think we can all learn something from this woman.

Hit the jump to see her parking spot strategy in action.

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Red Bull really knows how to promotes its Formula 1 efforts, as after taking Jaime Alguersuari from Torro Rosso in a RB6 race car to a Dominican beach, it has now targeted London with a viral marketing attempt.

As such, its Australian driver, Mark Webber, was given the keys to the RB6 F1 car, and just asked to do a pit stop.

So, what’s so special about this? How about the fact that the pit stop took place in London’s Parliament Square, and the RB6 just rolled along the roads of the British capital, in between Black Cabs or double decker buses?

Hit the jump to check out two videos of the whole event, one picturing just the pit stop, the other showcasing the reactions of Mark Webber and members of his mechanical team.

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