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Posted on 28-01-2008 by Vlad Balan

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Speed bumps are probably suspensions’ worst nightmare (besides paved roads) because I’m sure it happened to you also to drive at night, miss a speed bump at 40 mph and knock your head into the car’s ceiling. But recent studies show that speed bump are not only bad for your car and your head, but they also harm the planet. Funny, huh? Well, actually the study, made by Britain’s Automobile Association, shows that the cars’ mileage drops a lot (almost 50%) when having to brake and accelerate in order to pass over speed bump. They took a 58 mpg car running a constant 30 mph, ran it over speed bumps and discovered that the mileage dropped to 31 mpg.

Another recent study, made by the Transport Research Laboratory, reported that CO emissions are increased by as much as 82% and NO levels by 37% on roads with speed bumps. So, the conclusion was speed bumps harm the planet so they ought to be removed and the Automobile Association suggested that speed cameras should be used instead of speed bumps, which I don’t if it’s such a good idea. Anyways, that sure is an interesting study and should be given more attention.

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