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A new batch of spy shots with the BMW i3 Rex was taken, this time by the guys from AutoBlog who managed to take a few photos with the upcoming entry-level EV model from BMW. The one they photographed was wearing a new bodykit and most likely it had a range-extending engine since the car was wearing a bunch of stickers that were saying “hybrid test vehicle”.


When it was officially revealed earlier this year, the company’s engineers told AutoBlog that BMW plans on installing a two-cylinder, 600cc engine to the Rex model, an engine borrowed from the firm’s motorcycle line. This variant of the i3 is scheduled to make an appearance a little bit later after the launch of the regular i3 which will hit the dealerships in 2013.

This system is quite similar to the one available in the Chevrolet Volt but it doesn’t feed any power directly to the wheels. This variant of the i3 will extend the car’s 100-mile range and will be installed alongside the 125kW electric motor in the rear, the same electric motor featured in the i8 and the Active E models.

Source: Autoblog

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