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Next-gen Porsche Cayman

Our esteemed colleagues from Autocar.co.uk have managed to take a couple of spy shots with the upcoming new generation of the sexy Porsche Cayman, the only car Iā€™d buy from the German company if I had to. The prototype you see in these pictures was undergoing some heavy testing at the Nurburgring track.

Next-gen Porsche Cayman

It is expected to be powered by updated versions of the 6-cylinder 2.9- and 3.4-liter engines, which will deliver about 280 hp in the 2.9-liter unit and 330 hp for the bigger 3.4-liter power plant. Aside from these updates, the new Cayman will also get an electro-mechanical steering system as well as a stop/start system to reduce the CO2 emissions and increase fuel efficiency. Later on, Porsche will offer the Cayman with an all-new 4-cyilinder 2.0-liter engine, the one which will go into the 2014 sub-Boxster roadster.

Next-gen Porsche Cayman

The new Cayman will be officially launched together with the third generation of the Boxster. Porsche says that all the panels in both the Cayman and Boxster will be entirely new and the fabric roof for the latter will also be new. Needless to say, these panels are going to be lighter in order to reduce the curb weight of the cars. Both models will get a longer wheelbase, measuring almost 4.4 meters which translates into more luggage and passenger space.

The current generations of the Boxster and the Cayman are manufactured in partnership with Velvet Automotive, located in Finland while the new ones are going to be built home at Stuttgart as this partnership will end soon.

Source: Autocar.co.uk

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