Spyker continuing work on D12 Peking to Paris luxury SUV | Rpmgo.com

Spyker has captured the media spotlight in recent months due to its purchase of Swedish carmaker Saab from the hands of General Motors.

But while many believe Spyker’s money will revive Saab, it seems the Swedish company can also help the Dutch one with producing new models. One of them will be the D12 Peking to Paris luxury SUV, which was showcased way back in 2006 at the Geneva Motor Show.

Speaking at the 2010 edition of the Geneva conference, Saab Spyker CEO Victor Muller revealed that the new facilities owned by Saab, including the Trollhattan plant, will help Spyker release new models, including the bespoke SUV, but declined to reveal any details.

Last time we heard of it, the D12 Peking to Paris, which honors a historical race from Peking (current-day Beijing) and Paris, in which an almost stock Spyker model finished in second place, was set to be powered by a W12 engine from Volkswagen. Things are pretty blurry, but considering Saab and Spyker have a long road ahead of them, we’ll find out more in the following weeks.

Source: Autocar

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