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As everyone’s gotten used to Spyker and Saab working together from now on, new rumors are starting to appear about the next big thing coming from the Dutch supercar manufacturer.

And we literally mean big, as by all accounts, the Spyker D12 Peking to Paris SSUV (Super Sports Utility Vehicle) will be much larger than the other Dutch cars. Now, a new spy shot has appeared, showcasing, at least according to a report from Auto Informatief, a clay model of the D12.

As you can see, the vehicle still retains some of the dimensions of the show car which was revealed quite a long of time ago, but also has some new features. It seems that suicide (rear-hinged) doors will be present, as well as the increased ride height, hinting that it might have some off-road potential (maybe Saab can help here).

Beside the grainy spy shot, new details are also being rumored. The D12 name might be changed, as the Volkswagen-sourced V12 engine has been dropped, in favor of a more economical supercharged V8, of unknown origin. Already many voices hint to a Ferrari engine, possibly the one from the 458 Italia.

Until Spyker officially comes forward with new details though, we can’t say for sure just what will happen with its SSUV concept, so we’ll be in for quite a lot of speculations until then.

Source: Auto Informatief via Autoblog

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