Spyker extends its offer for Saab “until further notice”, GM still hasn't said a word | Rpmgo.com

Saab fans might have reasons to get excited once more, as Spyker, one of the remaining companies still interested in General Motors‘ Swedish brand has revealed that it has extended its new purchase offer, which was forwarded to GM after it announced that it will close down the brand, is valid until further notice.

What does this mean? Spyker is quite confident in Saab and wants to prove to GM that it will take care of the brand. The company also revealed that it had some talks with GM but a decision hasn’t been made.

Don’t forget that GM said a few weeks ago that a Saab deal is possible until the end of the year. Will the holidays catch Saab workers happy? Only time and an official GM statement will tell.

Source: Spyker