Spyker reportedly close to buying Saab from GM | Rpmgo.com

In recent weeks all of the reports coming in concerning Saab weren’t the prettiest, with General Motors continuing the wind down process for the company while saying that it is still searching for investors willing to get the Swedish carmaker off its hands.

Now though, a new story, coming from Bloomberg, might change the whole perspective, as reportedly Spyker and GM have agreed on the financial terms, and the Dutch supercar manufacturer is closer to securing the Swedish brand.

But before your open up the champagne, there are still a few hurdles left, among which being Vladimir Antonov, the Russian chairman of Spyker, which GM doesn’t really like, and the need for the Swedish government to guarantee a loan of €400 million from the European Investment Bank.

The deal between Spyker and GM hasn’t been revealed, but according to some voices, the Dutch company will offer $75 million for Saab, and GM will continue to keep $100m in current stocks, and will also receive $325m in shares from the new company that Spyker and Saab will form.

Overall, this new rumors sounds pretty good, but don’t get your hopes too high until you hear it straight from the hors… GM’s mouth.

Source: Autocar