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As you all know, Swedish carmaker Saab isn’t in the best of positions right now, as its current owner, General Motors, wants to get rid of it as soon as possible. The deal was set to go down between GM and Koenigsegg, but the local supercar manufacturer
backed down at the last moment. Now, GM is forced to continue negotiations with multiple parties, but gave an ultimatum: if Saab won’t see a potential buyer by the start of next year, it will be shut down.

But according to recent reports, it seems that Dutch supercarmaker Spyker is now the preferred bidder for the Swedish brand, as GM revealed that it wants a company with experience in building cars on a small scale and which wants to keep the manufacturing plants in Sweden.

As you might expect, Saab is currently checking all the correct boxes, and if negotiations won’t meet any sensitive issues, everything will go smoothly.

Source: Autocar
Pic Source: srikanth spider’s Flickr

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