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Saab has been through one heck of a ride in the last few months, but now it will march forward with Spyker, after the Dutch supercar manufacturer made a deal with General Motors for the Swedish brand.

After the celebrations have ended, the new company, Saab Spyker Automobiles, has revealed its plan for the next two years, which will reposition the Saab brand as “an independent performance-oriented niche car company with an industry-leading environmental strategy.”

This not only includes letting the two brands keep their independent management structures, but also the design and manufacture of new models which include: 9-3 (sedan, hatchback, sports estate, X and convertible) and 9-5 (sedan, sports estate and X) and the 9-4X for both the US and European markets. In addition to this, the company also revealed that it is currently studying the feasibility of an entry-level car under the 9-1 name.

Production will continue at the Trollhättan plant for the upcoming models, while the 9-4X will be built at the Mexico plant. Collaboration with GM is set to continue, but will slowly disappear, as new financial relations will be established, culminating with the aforementioned release of the “all-Saab” 9-3 model in 2012.

Saab and Spyker’s future is seemingly set for a revival, and we hope that both brands will continue to deliver great cars like they did before.

Source: Spyker

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