Study shows filling your tires with nitrogen can expand their life span |

After seeing yesterday that some so-called scientists have way too much free time on their hands and spend it on some awkward studies, the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) from the US has revealed a new one, which says that filling your tires with over 90% nitrogen can help improve their life span and also improve fuel consumption.

“The primary result expected from nitrogen inflation is to enhance retention of tire pressure over time, which will help maintain tire performance properties such as rolling resistance, handling, and durability.”

Although such a rumors existed for quite some time, the NHTSA conducted some specific studies, and found out that tires with over 90% nitrogen in them lost around two thirds of the pressure that normal tires lost. Even though that might not seem as an improvement, it shows that it can prolong the life span of a tire by about 25% and improve fuel consumption by around 5%.

This is certainly some great news for companies that manage large fleets of cars but also for the average car owner, which can save some more money, especially in these troubled times.

Source: FleetNews via Automarket
Pic Source: Flickr

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