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According to a new study made by the UK women’s car insurance specialist Diamond, the most popular car among hairdressers is MINI One hatchback. Apparently, MINI brand has two vehicles in the top five, which we consider to be quite a success for the BMW Group’s car manufacturer.

The study was made over 18,000 British hairdressers and revealed the fact that MINI One is three and a half times more likely to be driven by a person working as a hairdresser than anybody else. On the second and third places in the top are Vauxhall Tigra, a convertible from GM’s Europe and Volkswagen New Beetle – they are both more than three times as popular with hairdressers than the rest of the UK. On the last positions we find Ford Ka and Mini Cooper.

“It’s not surprising that the Mini One is so popular amongst hairdressers, as it’s stylish, modern and looks great. (…) In fact, with two Mini models in the top 5, that certainly cements its place as the ultimate ‘hairdresser’s car’.”

said Diamond managing director, Elwyn Gedrych.

But this is not all: the study has also revealed the fact that British hairdressers are 33% more likely to drive a convertible model than drivers from other professions.

What do you think about those results: should MINI One be considered the official hairdressers’ car?

[Source: Carscoop, Photo]

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