Subaru scrapping AWD for its version of the FT-86 coupe |

We’ve been talking a lot about Toyota and Subaru’s joint sports coupe project, which already manifested in the attractive Toyota FT-86. We’ve also seen some sketches and spy videos of Subaru’s own take on the model.

Now, a new report coming in from its native country revealed that the high production costs will definitely force the carmaker to scrap the symmetrical all-wheel drive system from its version of the FT-86, leaving it a RWD coupe, like the Toyota.

We’ve already heard a Subaru USA representative say that the FT-86, if it will be greenlighted for production, will change the way people view the brand, and it seems that this new report contributes to that.

What’s more, rumors are saying that because this change in technology, the company will invest more in differentiating the design of its own car from the Toyota model, in order to get fans interested in it.

Overall though, we’re still far away from the late 2011 release date of the Toyota FT-86, and Subaru won’t rush things. We should wait and see how the Subaru FT-86 will look and how many wheels will be getting power from the Boxer engine.

Source: 7Tune via Autoblog

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