Subaru’s New Forester: Boldly Facing Criticism and Expectations

  • Subaru recently introduced its new ‘bold and confident’ Forester.
  • Unfortunately, the automaker found itself on the receiving end of a deluge of online criticism for the vehicle from fans.
  • Complaints ranged from the car’s aesthetic design, to its features, and even its performance specs.
  • Despite the harsh feedback, Subaru remains committed to its new Forester and is positive that it will gain traction amongst its key demographic.

So, Subaru throws a party to introduce its new “bold and confident” Forester. However, fans acted like someone who shows up at a dinner party only to criticize the food.

The complaints were as varied as a buffet menu – aesthetics, features, performance, you name it. In the face of such criticism, Subaru is like that unflappable cook who, despite the onslaught of unsolicited feedback, just carries on cooking with a smile.

As they say, you can’t please every palate out there, but you can surely keep doing your thing with confidence and boldness. Hey, maybe that’s why they called it the “bold and confident” Forester in the first place. Brilliant, isn’t it?


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